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So you want to write a guest post? Guest posts are one of the most powerful ways of driving traffic to your site, especially if they are on domains that have a lot of authority and trust in Google’s eyes. If you have great content to offer and own a blog with great content of its own about self improvement consider guest posting for our blog.

Here are some of the benefits of guest posting on Shaunrosenberg.com

• It’s niche specific – All self improvement articles and nothing else

• The blog gets traffic to it and is growing – This blog has build a base of traffic around the self improvement industry. As a result posting here is a great way to get yourself known in that industry.

• I only accept high quality posts (see guidelines) and only link out to high quality blogs so the blog has more trust

• I allow in text links – I do allow links out on the post to other high quality articles. However I manually approve the links and may edit it or return the article if you link to a site or page I don’t agree with. Basically, if I wouldn’t link to it naturally because it adds value to my users, I won’t link to it in a guest post.

• I share the posts on social media sites – The better it is the more I share. In return I also ask that you share your guest posts on your social media sites too. It’s in your best interest that your guest post gets seen and gets as many natural links as possible

• The posts will never be deleted and this site will not be taken down in the foreseeable future

Requirements For Guest Posts

Now that you know why you should guest post on my blog let’s look at the requirements. I warn you though I only accept high quality posts and only link out to high quality blogs. Read my self improvement articles page to see if your articles are a good fit. If you are not going to spend some time on the guest post you submit to my site than it will not be accepted.

The requirements are;

• 1000 Word Minimum

I don’t think that word count is what makes an article good or bad. But it does have some influence on it, a 250 word article is not going to inspire me and make me want to bookmark it unless it is just linking to another article.

It has to be an article that you spent a lot of time to write, not something you just slapped together. The 1000 word minimum is just a standard. If you write a mind blowing 900 word article, I will probably accept it if the article is a stealer one.

• Unique

First of all you can’t blatantly copy it from another site and it can’t be something you have submitted anywhere else including your own site. I want to know that it is something which is unique to my site.

I also don’t want any cookie cutter articles or articles that can be found anywhere else on the net but simply rewriter to pass copyscape. It has to be something my readers actually want to read.

• Useful

It has to be useful to my readers and is not simply a repeat of something else I have already written on the site. My readers like to be inspired and to look for new ways to improve their health, love lives, success, etc. Have a tip to improve your life or personal experience you can add? That would be great!

• Links Must Be To High Quality Blogs

I’m not going to link out to sales pages. I’m not an article directory! If you write for my blog make sure that you are linking to high quality sites. If you are linking to a site that doesn’t naturally give google what it wants (high quality and useful content) than any link you add will be nofollow or be deleted.

If your blog does contain high quality content than all links you add will be dofollow.

You can have a bio at the end of the blog with 1-2 links in it. But these links must be to websites or blogs that I approve of.

You may also link out to 3rd party websites and other pages on this blog in the article.

How To Apply

To start send me an email at shaunrosenberg88 (at) yahoo.com with the heading “Guest Post For Shaunrosenberg” Let me know the URL of the blog you are willing to promote and any guest post ideas you have.

I would recommend giving me some ideas for guest posts before you send me a whole article. I would hate to waste your time if I didn’t feel the article was something my readers would like.

On that note it would be smart to introduce yourself and let me know what site(s) you will be linking too. If I approve of them you will be able to link to them. If I don’t, and that is the only reason you are writing the article than it is good to figure that out before you write the article.

Once the article has been posted I will send you an email. I will share the article on various social media sites including linkedin, Google+, Pinterest (if pictures are added), social bookmarketing sites, and my facebook fan page.

I also expect you to work on promoting this post as well. Remember it is in your best interest if the post you write goes viral. The better your guest post is promoted the more direct visitors your site will get from this blog, the stronger backlink it will become for your site, and the stronger your reputation will become in the self improvement industry.

Don’t blast spammy links to your guest post, but do share with your friends and link to it from other blogs you own or social media sites that you are on.

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