Who The Heck is Shaun Rosenberg Anyway?

picture015Hello, my name is Shaun Rosenberg. In many ways I’m a normal guy, I like shooting pool and playing poker with my friends and family. I like going camping on a sunny day and taking my dog for a walk around the park. I like being able to relax when I can, but at the same time I am always ready to get down to business and learn something new.

I also have a few online businesses which bring money in every month. As I improve and learn more about life I love to share my secrets and accomplishments with others.

However it was not always this way. It wasn’t too long ago that I was living with my mom, spending all of my free time working on either a low paying job or on a business that wasn’t making me much money.

While that was going on I dreamed of living a better life and I dreamed that once my business took off I would automatically get all the things that I ever wanted out of life.

But I realized that nothing ever happens until you make it. If I wanted to live a better life I had to start working on improving all areas of my life, not just my business. I took some time to think about what I truly wanted and how I could truly improve my life and then started working on it.

I now live in my own home, have a wonderful girl friend, great friends, tons of money to spend, and have great health. Once more I am consistently improving and growing. I look forward to continue to improve and to seeing all of my dreams come true over the next few years.

Why the Blog

During my darkest hours I loved reading self improvement articles. I loved the idea of improving myself and that anyone can really achieve their dreams, whatever they may be.

All things are evolving, I am, you are, even nature as a whole is consistently changing. That change can either be for the better of for the worse depending on how much effort you put into your future.

This blog is built for everyone looking to change for the better.
It may take time to grow, but I believe that no matter who you are you can improve your life. Even a hopeless idiot can become an admired genius if they work at it.

As the clock continues to tick I continue to learn and grow. I want as many other people to continue to learn and grow as well. For my dream is to improve the world by helping others improve their lives and helping to elevate the human race to new highs and new achievements.

Do you have a question for me or want to get a hold of me? Send me an email to my email address shaun@shaunrosenberg.com

7 thoughts on “Who The Heck is Shaun Rosenberg Anyway?

  1. Tracy

    Thank you for sharing your experiences, knowledge and help others think “out of the box”. I get inspiried when I read your articles…..




  2. Kim Kirk

    🙂 This is very inspiring! Good for you! Your mom must be very proud. I went to high school with her. I met you once when you were very small. Maybe I’ll see you again someday. Anyway, I enjoyed reading your blog. Take care!



  3. Phuong

    Your blog is so wonderful. I’d like to read your blog. There are many useful things for me to think. Thank you so much. I wish you and your family have a nice life.



  4. Lorraine Marie Reguly

    You sound like a great guy. It would be good to see a picture of you! I like the gravatars that people have, not computer-generated ones!

    Now, it is up to you to figure out who the heck I am!



  5. admin Post author

    @Lorraine thanks for reminding me. I’ve been meaning to put up a picture on this page for a long time, but I completely forgot.



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