What Will The World Say About You When You Are Dead?

Are you going to be remembered? I just read an article called “What Will They Say When You Are Dead” which focuses on what your family and loved ones will say about you during your funeral.

It is an interesting article and poses a question well worth asking, but it misses something. If you’re like me, you may have gone even farther and asked yourself an even greater question.

How will the world remember you?

History is filled with those who have done good, those who have done bad, and those who, well history has forgot.

Obviously nobody wants to be remembered as someone who has done bad. No one wants to be the next Hitler or Stalin and have your name forever etched into the history books as the face of evil.

There is also a problem with just becoming another faceless being who history has forgotten. If history has forgot your name then it is almost as if you never existed. After death you may live on in the memories of others, but that slowly fades away as the newer generations replaces the older ones.

The best way to be remembered is to do something that helps humanity grow. Figure out what your passion is and help to advance mankind through your passion.

This begs the question, what are you truly passionate about? And what do you want the world to remember you for?

That is something I have been wondering myself for quite some time and is why I have delayed building this blog for about 3 months after I registered the domain. See if you hadn’t noticed, this blog is named after me. It represents me.

Ultimately this blog will outlive me and continue to share with the world the wisdom I have accumulated and the mistakes I have made in my own life. It needs to be something I can be proud of and something that can help the entire world. After much soul searching I have found my true passion is and always has been self improvement.

I one day hope to go down in history as a guide, someone who helped others improve their own lives and follow their passions. By helping as many people live a better happier life and giving them the courage to go after their own dreams I feel like I am helping mankind advance as a whole.

To me, that sounds like a better goal then trying to accumulate as much money as I can or to simply waste my time away getting drunk everyday and celebrating the fact that I can still move.

Now that you know a little bit about my goal in life, it’s your turn. What do you want the world to say about you when you are gone? Not 1 year after you have passed away or 5 years, but 300 years? What passion will you share with the world? Will you find your passion through scientific discovery like Einstein, Galileo, or our Sir Isaac Newton did? Is your passion in art like Picasso or Leonardo Da Vinci? Will you live on through a sport or become an entertainer?

The choice is up to you. This is a world filled with endless possibilities. But you have to be the guide of your own life and determine just where you want to be headed.

Take some time to ask yourself what role you want to play in this larger scene of mankind. How does it affect your life today? When you’ve got an idea about what you want your legacy to be, tell the world by commenting below and letting us all know.

What will the world say about you when you have passed away?

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9 thoughts on “What Will The World Say About You When You Are Dead?

  1. Debra Yearwood

    Big question and a tough one to answer. There is wisdom that I’d like to share with the wider world, but if I had to narrow down my answer, then it probably would have little to do with the world and everything to do with family. I’d be happy if my kids go on to change the world and do it because I’ve instilled a strong sense of self worth in them. It doesn’t mean I won’t set an example for them and contribute to the world around me, but sometimes the local memories are the best ones.

  2. Jon Jefferson

    Making a mark on the world is a something we all aspire to I think. It is our way to immortality, a way we can avoid passing into obscurity.

    Who knows, maybe one day some future archeologist will unearth my house and question the life of the people who live here.

  3. Susan Cooper

    This post reminds me of a poem called “THE DASH”. I am a firm believer in making a difference in the lives of others. It doesn’t mean I have to accomplish world peace but I can help people with encouragement or even my friendship. 🙂

  4. Jeri

    The world probably won’t say enough out me after I’m gone, but I hope my digital imprint manages to leave a few good books behind that others enjoyed reading. I figure six years of teaching is a start on giving back to humanity, but there’s no way I could keep that up for another 20 years and keep my sanity…

  5. Jeannette

    My personal mission statement came out of thinking about what I would hope people could accurately say about me after I am gone. I doubt that I will have a major impact on the future of man, but I do hope that I have positively impacted the lives of others as I live now and thus inspire them to do the same on generations to come.

  6. Kelly Wade

    Leaving a good footprint on earth should be something that we all strive for. I think that anyone with a passion for helping or for making their mark on someone/something should focus energy at some point on that improvement. When you die, you can’t being anything to the grave. All you leave behind are memories and the good you’ve done.

  7. rynessa.cutting@balanceddaily.com

    I’m not a Nelson Mandela or Ghandi by a long shot, but I know that I always have good relationships with people that I speak to. I’ve never r eally concerned myself with leaving a legacy or what others think of me, but just yesterday I was going through some stuff of mine and saw cards and poems and stuff, and I must admit it warmed my heart.

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  9. Becc

    We are coming from very similar places (although I have to say I do like money and a glass of champagne when celebrating). I am generally just getting through the days as best I can and sharing that with my readers through my blog, I hope that it will generate thought, motivation and be inspirational – not a bad legacy to leave behind.

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