The Goal Is Not To Be Perfect; The Goal Is To Suck Less!

Somewhere along the lines people got the idea that the things they do need to be perfect. They need to do a good job in order to impress their coworkers, friends, and loved ones.

Trying to create a good impression and to avoid making the kinds of mistakes that would make people look down on you is something that is so engraved into our minds. You can do a google search and find tons of articles on how to “impress” other people and to “appear” confident.

The problem comes when this is taken to the extreme. Trying to seem perfect or look cool means you will not take chances and start doing things you have never done before.

Since it isn’t cool to fail, it isn’t cool to take chances. It isn’t cool to let other people know that you aren’t good at everything you set your mind to the first time around.

If you need to be perfect at something before you began than you will never began. You need to be able to overcome perfectionism if you are to grow.

“If you hit every time, the target is too near or too big.” Tom Hirshfield

The best way to do this is to realize one simple thing, you suck! I suck, in fact the whole human race sucks.

Think about the first time you tried to do something new and challenging. Where you good at it? No! You sucked.

In the past when you took chances and tried to learn a new skill you sucked at it. What ended up happening? Well you fell into one of two groups.

• You admitted you sucked and ran away with your tail between your legs and tried to forget about it.

• You stuck with it and as time passed you began to suck less and less until you eventually became pretty decent at it.

When you do more of something that you suck at a remarkable thing happens. All of a sudden you start sucking less. As you start to do more of it you eventually learn what works, and what is, a complete and utter mistake.

“Know your limits, but never stop trying to exceed them.”

You may have set backs and you may really suck at something at first. That is ok, we all make mistakes. Mistakes are not what really matters, they are just a fact of life.

It is something that you get whenever you try to do new things. Nobody is perfect and you shouldn’t try to be. Making mistakes is part of learning and therefore it is a wonderful thing.

I’m not saying that you should ignore your mistakes and that they will never come with any negative consequences. (Although in 99% of the cases you’ll be just fine).

What I am saying is that you have to realize you suck. You have to understand that there will be mistakes and you have to be willing to learn from them.

Once more you have to work at it. If you want to learn a new skill or create something meaningful you must understand that it doesn’t come easy.

If you want to get good at something you must work at it. You can’t just try it once, fail, and then say, “oh well I guess it wasn’t meant to be, maybe I’ll try again in a week or so.”

Remember you will never be here again. Do you really want to look back on this moment in time and say that you could have changed your life, but it was too much work and you didn’t want to take the time out of your life to get good at something new?

By simply practicing and trying new things you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. If you take on Juggling balls because you have heard about the benefits of juggling and just think it is a good skill to have, it will take some time to learn.

Once more, because we all suck at things that we have never tried before you can use as much practice as you can get. When you start to juggle you will realize that it is a whole lot easier to throw 3 balls up in the air than it is to catch them when they fall down again.

As you continue to practice you may find that you can throw 3 balls up in the air and catch two. Then you may find that you can juggle all 3, but you can only do it for 10 seconds.

“One of the secrets of life is to make stepping stones out of stumbling blocks.” Jack Penn

As you keep improving you began to suck less at it. But it doesn’t come easy. You have to be willing to put the effort into it if you want to see the results.

If you just make time to practice juggling once a week or once a month you may never learn. If you do learn, it can take you months or years to get to the point where you might actually impress someone.

One the other hand if you put your all into it and make some time every day to learn how to juggle you will be amazed at the results. I’ve talked about why you should learn something new every day and I stick to it.

When you practice and learn new things consistently you start to suck a little less and surpass the people around you.

It’s the same with all areas of your life. You start out sucking and as you put in more effort you start sucking less and less. But it all depends on how much time and effort you put into it.

Nobody in the world can help you to stop sucking at something new if you only put in 1 hour a month to learn it. On the other hand nobody can stop you from achieving your goals if you take time out of every day to learn and grow.

Your goal is not to find something you are good at and be perfect. Your goal is to try new things and suck a little bit less on them every time.

That is it. That is how life evolved into the stage it is in now. Evolution was simply a billion years of sucking less.

Don’t be afraid to suck, the most successful people who ever lived sucked at a lot of things. They just kept doing it until they got better and learned a thing or two.

Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times before he created the light bulb. Does that sound like a super genius that you can never hope to rival in a million years? Or does it sound like someone who was determined to keep moving forward and keep learning new things until he sucked less at what he was doing?

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” T.S. Eliot

People remember your successes. They tend to forget about your failures in life if you hit the target every once and a while. It isn’t all bad everything in this world was made by people who suck for people who suck.

Keep at it and keep moving forward. Just remember, sucking is a good thing if you learn something from it.

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