Solving Problems By Embracing Change

Change happens! One of the facts about life is that things do not stay the same, They Grow, Expand, Evolve, or even Devolve. We can say with almost complete certainty that your life will look different 20 years from now than it does now. We can also say that the human race as a whole will look vastly different 100 years in the future then what we are used to seeing today.

Depending on your situation, change can look pretty scary. If change happens your great job could be gone, your love life can vanish, or Artificial Intelligence could take over and none of that would matter anyways.

Our first instinct is to focus on the possible problem and look at ways to stop it. After all, we are use to our lives now, we don’t want to see things change.

But if we are truly honest with ourselves we know that change doesn’t go away. We have to accept that things do move forward. Instead of trying to prevent the world from changing, how about embracing it and letting it take us to new highs?

“Nothing is certain but death and taxes” Benjamin Franklin

If you have read my blog you know I like to think about change as a challenge. As things change it gives us the opportunity to learn something new and gives us the opportunity to overcome new challenges in our journey through life.

Our goal in major times of change is not to try and fight it or to confront others. Instead our goal is to take charge of that change and help direct it to something positive. Go from becoming a pessimist to becoming an optimist and you will be amazed at the new ideas that can come your way.

The challenge during times of change is to learn how you can form teams, work with others, and make this world a better place when the change does occur.

There have been numerous instances in history where deciding whether or not to embrace change has not only affected each individual on this planet, but also entire civilizations as a whole.

The Roman Empire was once the mightiest empire the world had ever seen. Yet when the northern “Barbarians” started migrating to their country they refused to embrace the change and instead decided to treat them like 2nd class citizens or even denying that they where citizens.

As a result the Roman Empire fell when the barbarians took over and reeked their revenge on the great Empire by destroying it from the inside out.
Similar to those times our own civilization is coming to a time where we have to decide whether to embrace the changes that are coming our way and evolve with them or to ignore those changes and fall even further then the Romans did.

Do we want to look at the diminishing oil supply as a bad thing and try as hard as we can to soak up ever last drop and prevent change for as long as we can? Or do we want to embrace alternative energy ideas and look for other ways to move forward in spite of our problems?

Do we want to keep marching on our path of increasing technology at a phenomenal rate and start panicking when Artificial Intelligent beats our own? Or do we want to fuse man and machine so this great machine revolution brings us up along with it and helps our own intelligence grow at this same unstoppable rate?

Change isn’t bad, it means that new opportunities are happening, and our potential is expanding.

“Become a student of change. It is the only thing that will remain constant.” Anthony D’Angelo’

How Will You Embrace Change?

Change is inevitable! Why waste your time and energy trying to keep things the way they are now when you can focus on how you can help to change your life and the world? Instead of worrying about how change will affect you, embrace it and take charge of the situation.

Keeping your mind open is the only way to evolve and grow. Life will change, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a bad thing. Embrace it and turn every obstacle into a wonderful thing. If you do that you will be among the few who help to lead the world and see the hidden opportunities all around us.

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