How Overthinking Things Can Set You Back

overthinking thingsWhen I was in High School and starting Collage, I had a different understanding of the world. I knew what I wanted, but I imagined I did not yet know enough to get it.

Like most teenage boys I wanted to find the girl of my dreams, but I didn’t know how to do that. I didn’t know what to say to them that would make them want to go out with me and be mine.

I could always talk to them and make them laugh. Girls would always get a crush on me and think I was an attractive person. The problem was I didn’t know what to do after that.

I wanted to be cool. I didn’t want to make the wrong move and do or say something that would make a girl who liked me not like me anymore. I simply starting, overthinking it. Instead of simply inviting them to do something or made a move, I thought that I wasn’t ready to do it. I figured there was still so much I should know about girls before I could ask them out.

I was overthinking it so much that when a girl started flirting with me I wanted to back away, because I didn’t think I was ready to flirt back. I wanted to think about what I should have done, read some more, and talk about it to others. I overanalyzed it and as a result I missed out on a lot of great opportunities in the past.

I overthought things so much so that my first girlfriend was literally flirting with me for 2 years before I had the courage to ask her out. It was a great experience, but after a year, I ended up single again and still not wanting to take any chances with women.

Eventually I realized that I the only way I was going to get anywhere was to stop overanalyzing everything and just go for it. I just took the leap, talked to strangers, and flirted around. The next few years were some of my most memorable.

I had plenty of crazy stories, did some things I probably shouldn’t have done, had some heart breaks, and fell in love.

Despite my fears and doubts everything turned out ok. I made some big mistakes, but I learned from them. All and all my life turned out much better and I wouldn’t have ended up with my lovely wife without first taking the jump.

My story isn’t exactly a unique situation, we all tend to overthink things from time to time. We overthink what we look like, how we act, how we invest our money, how we earn money. And each and everytime we overthink things we are stopping ourselves from taking action.

By overthinking before we act we set up barriers. We try talk ourselves out of doing things to start telling ourself why we can’t do something rather than just do it.

Overthinking prevents us from taking action and keeps us researching on the side and reading about the success of others while the rest of the world passes us by. Reading is great and there is a lot to learn from successful people of the past, but eventually you simply have to put down that book and start taking action to achieve your goals.

Life becomes a lot less difficult when you don’t focus on every little detail and try to make everything perfect.

It’s even more important when you realize that the majority of people do not put very much thought into life. If you are constantly, overthinking things you may find out that everyone else has already taken action and you are the one left behind.

You just have to take chances in life. That is the only way to learn what to do and figure out what you truly want out of life.

Obviously, you want to keep learning, reading, and observing the world around you. You don’t want to blindly jump in and make a fool out of yourself or lose all of your money on a bad deal, but don’t wait too long. If you spend too much time studying and planning life can pass you by in the meantime.

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The Most Important Question You Can Ask Yourself To Determine Your Future

the most important questionLife is funny. We all have hopes and dreams, we all have goals that we really want to accomplish. Yet only a few of us will ever see them come true. Most of us will continue to dream about the life we want while others see the riches of their success.

What is it that determines whether or not we will see our goals in life come true? What decides if we will do what we set out to do?

Is it what we strive for and want in life? No, everyone wants to be a millionaire married to a model. Not everyone succeeds with that goal.
Is it our intelligence that decides where we will end up? No, there are plenty of intelligent people who are bums and alcoholics.

What about networking? Is the people you know what determines your success in life? Not entirely, nobody can help you if you don’t take steps to help yourself.

So what is it? What determines whether or not we will achieve our goals? It turns out there is a simple question you can ask yourself to determine how your life will turn out.

It’s pretty basic, yet most people don’t take the time to ask it or don’t think to ask it. For those of us who do know the question, it is always good to be reminded of it every now and then. That is what happened to me recently as I have been doing some thinking and reading.

So, are you ready for the question? Do you want to know what infinite wisdom will help you change your life and determine how successful you will become?

Here it is

What will my life look like if I keep doing what I am doing?

Think about that for a second. It may sound really simple, and it is, but it is often overlooked. What have you done today? Did you work to accomplish one of your goals? Or did you surf the net looking for the latest gossip about your favorite television show?

Did you work on something that gave you pleasure and will help you in your future? Or did you work a job you hate and spend everything you made so your future self will have to keep working there?

Are there habits you have that you know are dragging you down and you wish you could change? Think about it.

What will your life look like in 5 years if you continue to play that video game all day?

What will your life look like in 5 years if you continue to eat unhealthy and don’t work out?

What will your life look like in 5 years if you continue to think negatively about every opportunity that comes my way?

Now obviously, there is room for downtime, but compare those answers to these ones.

What will your life look like in 5 years if you put an extra hour into your work each day?

What will your life look like in 5 years if you read an extra book a month?

What will your life look like in 5 years if you woke up early and went for a jog every day?

There is a difference, and that little difference is what separates the average man from the champions. The people who control their lives ask themselves these questions in order to change their behaviors.

Don’t simply asks yourself what WILL you become, asks yourself what CAN you become. What can you become if you take some more time to build yourself up to something magnificent? What can you become if you put in a little effort each day to change?

The little things really do add up. Learning 1 thing a day or doing at least 1 more productive thing each day means you will be one step closer to achieving your goals each day then you otherwise would be.

Before you go to bed tonight take some time to do a little experiment.
Look at your goals, than look at how you spent your day. Do they alight? Are you doing things that will eventually help you? Or are you doing things that will hold you back?

What have you done today that has pushed you closer to your goals? What can you change to get you where you need to be?

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6 Lies Schools Teach You About Life

lies in schoolWhat did you learn in school? It taught us some valuable information and helped us to see new the world through the point of view of the great thinkers of the past. School can help you expand your mind and learn, but if you are only learning what they teach you in the classroom, you may realize that you are missing out on a big part of life.

In fact school teaches us some lies about life, here are a few big ones.

1. Mistakes Are Bad

In school we are taught that making a mistake is a bad thing. If we mark the wrong answer on a test, it is marked wrong and we lose those points. In school our grades are completely focused on how many mistakes we make. If we make a lot of mistakes we fail the class, if we make fewer mistakes we receive a good grade in the class.

In the real world those who make the most mistakes and learn from them are the most successful. The reason is because those who make the most mistakes are the ones who try new things and challenge themselves.

If you are constantly in fear of making mistakes you will try to avoid things that may cause you to make those mistakes. Since you can’t be successful without taking chances and trying new things being afraid to fail can actually hold you back.

Failing isn’t the worst thing in the world, not trying is.

2. Grammar and Spelling is Essential To Success

I’m going to get a lot of English teachers mad here, but grammar and spelling aren’t the most important things in the world. In school we are taught to make sure we are spelling everything correctly and follow the basic grammar rules, in the real world we have spell check.

The most important thing in the world isn’t that you spell everything correctly and used the correct punctuation, but that you have something to say. There are enough people in the world who have been taught how to write a perfect paper, but don’t have a single original thought in their head. What the world needs is people who can break the rules and think creatively.

“The principle goal of education in the schools should be creating men and women who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done; men and women who are creative, inventive and discoverers, who can be critical and verify, and not accept, everything they are offered.” – Jean Piaget

3. More School Is The Only Way To Become Successful

It’s generally accepted that if you want to be successful you have to go to college or get more education. While school is great if you want to become a doctor, lawyer, or any of the professions that require a degree, it is not the only path to riches.

Some of the most successful people in the world today are college and high school dropouts. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg, Thomas Edison, John D
Rockefeller would all agree that even dropouts can have an alright life 😉

School is just one road that leads down one path. There are plenty of other ways to be successful without getting into tens of thousands of dollars of debt.

4. Once You Have A Degree You Are Set For Life

Does anyone know someone who has a college degree and is working the same job that they were before they graduated? We all do! just because you have a college degree does not mean you will instantly be a success.

In fact those who are counting on the degree alone are normally the ones who find themselves without work afterwards. To be a success in life you can’t simply rely on a system, if you did everyone would do it and it wouldn’t work anymore.

That is what is happening with our school system today. The number of people going to college each year is skyrocketing. As a result, it’s harder to find a job with just a degree then it was a few year back because… well everyone has one.

What you need is something to set yourself apart from the masses of other people with the same degree as you. Going above and beyond and networking with people, doing advance studying, planning your future, and getting experience is what sets you apart.

What matters is being able to set yourself apart from the rest of the world and offer something of value. Life is a constant struggle to be the best. It’s not as easy as simply taking a few tests and then you are done.

The one thing that will determine how successful you will be is how much effort you are willing to put in it to differentiate yourself and add real value to the world. That will be true whether you have a degree or not.

5. Teachers Are Smarter Then You

When we are in school we are conditioned to believe that teachers are smarter than us. That is why we pay attention to them, follow their rules, and don’t question what they are saying.

(The same can be said about politicians, professionals, and scientist. We listen to them and follow them blindly because we believe that they are smarter than us).

Eventually you realize that you don’t need to be super smart to be a teacher, you just have to be willing to work hard to understand a subject. Anybody can accomplish great things or understand new topics as long as you push yourself to grow and to learn it.
Likewise don’t be afraid to question those above you and look for alternatives. The world was once round until someone questioned conventional wisdom.

6. Only Smart People Are Successful

It’s easy to believe that only those who are born with a natural talent to understand new concepts stand a chance of being successful. We see it in school that some people can gets As on tests while others struggle to get a C.

It does not matter if some people are more talented than others, what matters is how much of an effort they are making in life. Most of us have enough cognitive ability to do whatever we want, we just need to put in the work and believe that it is possible.

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50 Wonderful Blessings To Be Thankful For This Year

The holidays are a time to sit back and think about the good things in your world. It is a time to be thankful for what you have and for what simply “being alive” has given you. It is a time to fall in love with life , to spread the love, and show the world what kind of a person you really are.

I believe that everyone should keep a list of what they are thankful for in their lives, and here are 50 things to keep in mind when creating yours.

1. Your Family

Your family will always be there when you fall down, when you screw up, or when you just need someone to tell you everything will be ok.

2. Your Friends

Great friends will be there for you to keep your life entertaining and to help you overcome your obstacles.

3. Nature

Nature is a wonderful thing, the trees and mountains make the landscape beautiful, they can calm you down when you are stressed and the trees can provide many medical breakthroughs to help you stay healthy as well.

4. Memories

Think about all the wonderful memories you have created in life. That is something nobody can ever take away from you, and it can give you much more joy in life.

5. Your Present

You are fully in control of what happens to you in this moment, What you decide to do will impact your future and others. That’s a lot of power, use it wisely, but enjoy life as well.

6. Your Future
You can do whatever you want in life. You still have a future, and still have many more memories to make.

7. Sense Of Sight

Think of how amazing it is that we can see the world around us. Not everyone has good eyesight, so if you do, enjoy it.

8. Sense Of Smell

flowers, perfume, fragrances, none of these would give us pleasure without a sense of smell.

9. Sense of Hearing

Without your sense of hearing it’d be hard to communicate and you’d miss so much.

10. Sense of Touch

The sense of touch gives us pleasure and makes life fun.

11. Sense of Taste

Where would we be without our sense of taste? Think about your favorite foods, mine are cheesecake, fruits, and pumpkin pie, without my sense of taste I’d never get pleasure from them.

12. Opposable Thumbs

Without Opposable thumbs we couldn’t build things, we wouldn’t have houses, cars, or technology.

13. Technology

It’s simply amazing that my cell phone allows me to be in Missouri, talk to my mom in California, my Dad in Texas, and my friend in Georgia all in the same day.

14. Human Intelligence

Not only does intelligence allow us to create a better life for ourselves, it also makes life more interesting.

15. Water System

Think about how amazing it is we even have a sewer system. Without it our waste would simply fall where it does and diseases would be a lot more common.

16. Houses

We have come a long way since living in caves. Without 4 walls and a roof, we’d all be trapped in the rain and snow in the winter and the blazing hot sun in the summer.

17. Opportunity

Regardless of who you are or what you do, you will always have opportunities in life, be thankful for them and take a few chances.

18. Pets

Pets make life more enjoyable they are like kids and can cheer you up when you are down.

19. The World

The World Is A Big Place, There is so much to see and do. Take advantage of it and enjoy it while you are here.

20. Your Body

Your body allows you to move around and enjoy life. Without it you’d have no way of experiencing this earth, so be thankful for it and take good care of it.

21. Human Kindness

There may be some bad in the world, but the bad is trumped by the amount of kindness that people will bring to the table.

22. The Internet

You wouldn’t be reading this right now without the internet. You wouldn’t be able to look up information, and interact with strangers anywhere near as efficiently as you would without it.

23. Movies

We all enjoy movies now and then, it’s nice to relax with your family and pull out a bucket of popcorn.

24. Love

Love is an amazing thing and there is so much of it on this earth. Find people as passions to fall in love with and you will be happy for the rest of your life.

25. Planes

It’s amazing how easy it is to travel across the world and see new things. That is a feat that wasn’t available in the past, so take advantage of it and see the world.

26. Cars

Cars make our life much easier, they allow you to travel across the world and give us the independence that we need to grow up.

27. Jobs

Be thankful for whatever job or career that you have, even if you plan on doing something else in your life, be thankful for what you have now.

28. Music

Music makes life enjoyable. It helps us relieve stress and just leave everything else behind.

29. Mistakes

Sometimes we don’t like to admit we’ve made mistakes in the past, but without them we wouldn’t have learned anything. Sometimes we need to make mistakes to grow, so be thankful for the ones you have already made, because you won’t be making them again in the future.

30. Laughter

Where would we be without our jokes and laughter? Enjoy life, live it up, and don’t forget to have a sense of humor.

31. Challenges

Life will always come with challenges, but that is what makes life entertaining. Use it to grow and to thrive.

32. The Fact That We Are Alive

Think of how amazing it is that we are alive in the first place to experience this world. One small change in physics and that wouldn’t even be possible.

33. Inventors

Without inventors we wouldn’t have the modern conveniences that we have today. Be thankful they existed and be thankful for what they brought into the world.

34. Kids

Kids are fun, they cheer us up when we are down, and they give our lives meaning. Never forget that somewhere inside of you there is a kid who still sees the world as an amazing place.

35. Clothing

Without clothing life would be harder and it would be impossible to go outside in the cold.

36. Holidays

Be thankful that we have holidays to take our minds away from work and to simply enjoy the world. We all need a break to have fun.

37. Thanks Giving

Be thankful that at least one day a year we can get together with people we may not always see and have a feast.

38. Christmas

Christmas is a holiday that brings out the best in people. It brings close ones together and encourages strangers to be kind to one another.

39. Lazy Days

Being on the go in fun, but having a day without any responsibilities can be fun as well.

40. Museums

Museums help us expand our mind and grow. Be thankful for them.

41. Art

Art can teach us how to focus on something and to do our best. It can also help us appreciate other’s hard work and shock us a little about what really is possible.

42. Hugs And Kisses

Sometimes we just need to give someone a hug and to let them know how much they mean to us.

43. Water

Without water, there would be no life. We couldn’t exist, be thankful for it because it really is a miracle that it even exist.

44. Camping Stories

We all have those stories about the campfire that we will always remember.

45. Parents

Parents are people who will always be there for you and always put you in front of their own needs. They do a lot for their kids so be thankful for it and return the favor if they need you to.

46. Food

We all have our own favorite foods. We all have foods that we are passionate about, enjoy them and indulge yourself every now and then.

47. Your Significant Other

Your significant other will always be there for you to help you get through the good times and the bad times. Love them and respect their needs.

48. Goals

Without goals nothing goets done. Enjoy the fact that we can have goals in life and we can push forward.

49. Hea;th

Even if you have a disease, enjoy that you are healthy enough at this moment to read this post and to do something in your life right now. Enjoy your health while you can, because there are plenty of people lying in a hospital bed right now without that privilege.

50. You Are The Only One Like You

Nobody else can replace you, you are the only person with your genes and specific thoughts. Enjoy that and give the world something positive to say about you.

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7 Exciting Reasons To Be More Excited In Life

iaFdmj1384799367I’m still very new to my sales job, and I’ve learned a lot. One piece of advice I’ve been given is that I may know what I am selling and believe in the product, but I need to get more excited about it. I need to be able to put my energy into it and really show how amazing the product is.
Getting excited is key in sales, because how can you get someone else excited if you aren’t already excited yourself?

Getting excited about what you are doing isn’t just important for sales type jobs. Regardless of what you plan on doing, the more you can get excited about it and put your top energy into it the better off you will be.

No matter what you do or where you go, here are 7 reasons to be more excited about life.

1. It Helps You Follow Through

We all know that if you want to be successful at something you have to put energy into it. Life requires work, and most people simply put in just as much work as they need to in order to get by. Once that first minimum threshold is met, however, they tend to quit and do something to escape their work.

The reason people like to do the minimum amount of work possible is because they don’t get excited about it. They don’t enjoy the work and it is not challenging enough for them.

When you find something that you are truly passionate about it becomes a lot easier to put in longer hours and to work harder. In fact most of the time you don’t even realize how much you have been working on a project that excites you simply because, it excites you.

It is true what they say, “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”

2. It Helps You Convince Other People

Regardless of what you plan on doing or where you plan on going you need to be able to convince other people to do things or to help you along the way. If you are starting a new business, you need to be able to convince others that the service or product you are providing is worth the expense.

Not only that, you want them to be excited about it, you want them to want it so badly that they couldn’t possible live without it. This is where excitement comes along. If you want other people to be excited about your opportunity you have to be so excited about it that others will jump at the opportunity.

Even if you aren’t in sales or thinking about starting your own business you need to be able to sway others to your side. Try going into a job interview without any pep in your step and you’ll see that your attitude matters.

Get excited about life and get others excited for you, after all there is some truth to that statement, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Get excited and help others be excited about you.

3. It Makes Life More Enjoyable

Learning to become excited about the little things in life really does make life much more enjoyable. Falling in love with life means that you are always looking at the positives and looking for opportunities in every area.

Think about how wonderful things were when you were a kid, everything made you excited and made you want to explore the world outside. The little things in life became much more enjoyable and everything was a miracle.

Once you grow older that feeling of constant excitement tends to die down a little, but it doesn’t mean you have to stop getting excited about life. With so much to learn and so much good in the world, there is always new stuff for people to get excited about.

4. It Helps You See The Positive

Learning how to be positive and how to be excited about life is kind of like 2 sides of the same coin. One compliments the other. When you focus on the positives and the abundances in life it is a lot easier to get excited about them.

Focus on what is exciting and what will help you improve yourself or follow your passion and you will be amazed at what will happen.

5. It Makes You Seek Out Opportunities

One of the reasons people who are optimistic and simply excited about life do so well is because they seek out new opportunities. The more you approach life with a curious attitude and the more you look for opportunities the more you will find those opportunities.

Look for the negatives and you will find them, but they won’t help you to get anywhere in life. The world is full of negative people blaming others for own circumstances, focus on the positives and believe that the world is your play thing and you won’t have to worry about never taking the chances you want to take or trying the things you want to try.

6. It Can Help You Stay Healthy

Being excited about life can help you to stay healthy. We all know that our attitude affects our health. When we are stressed out our bodies attack themselves and it accelerates aging. When we laugh and enjoy life it causes out body to fix itself.

It is well known that positive emotions and focusing on the good around you can drastically improve your health. Why not focus on the positives when it helps you to live longer, feel better, and enjoy your life?

7. You Only Life Once

Life is short. You will never be here again, so wouldn’t you want to spend your time being positive about life and excited about every opportunity? I know I would.

Learning how to be excited about life and focusing on the positives isn’t exactly something you can teach. It’s something you have to learn and something you have to reinforce. But once you break through the barrier and live life with a passion, it becomes much better and comes with more opportunities.

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What To Do When Your Gut Lies To You

Static_jumpHave you ever noticed that your gut can lie to you? The moment when you have studied/prepared/practiced/trained for a big event and right before you take the jump your gut tells you to back away and chicken out. It is easy to make the excuse that you’re just not good enough and that you just want to find your comfort zone again, but there are reasons you can’t do that.

I’ve experienced a lot of times when my gut told me to back down, from talking to girls to going on interviews, to playing in tournaments. Now that I have recently started working in sales, I’m experiencing it again. It is a lot easier to study and learn about how to do something than it is to actually do it. It is a lot harder to jump in the cold water and start swimming, but it is what you have to do if you want to be successful at something.

If you back down before taking a leap and just start studying or preparing again, than you will never get anywhere. The longer you push something into the future the less likely you will ever get around to doing it. Eventually, you have to ignore your gut and just jump and see what happens.
So, how do you overcome that gut feeling when you try something new and you want to back down?

• Realize Your Gut Is There To Keep You Alive Not To Thrive

Our gut feelings are primitive instincts that were originally created to help us stay alive. Biologically our bodies are really built for two purposes, to stay alive and to pass down our genes. Our gut feelings do a pretty effective job at helping us accomplish those goals.

Unfortunately, the same instinct that helps you to stay alive isn’t always the best instinct at helping you thrive. If you want to stay alive you can run away, you can hide in your home and stay somewhere that you don’t have to worry about failing, or about running into trouble.

It’s easy to listen to that instinct that tells us to play it safe and to not take too many chances, after all, if you take too many chances you might hurt yourself and you might not be able to pass on your genes.

In our modern world, we no longer need to worry about staying alive. Most of us live peacefully without having to question whether we will see tomorrow or not.

Taking chances doesn’t mean we will die if we fail, we might be set back, or we might be in the same situation that we were in before we took the chances, but we won’t die. In fact when we take chances we have the ability to thrive and to accomplish something great. The more chances we take the better our life becomes.

The more we ignore that gut feeling to run away, and the more we risk in life, the better off we end up.

• Understand That Things Become Less Scary As We Do Them

Sales is scary. Taking to strangers and trying to get them to buy something can be frightening. It’s the same with everything in life, your first job interview, your first girl/boyfriend, your first test, it can all be scary. We don’t know what we are up against and we don’t know how much danger we will be in.

But after a while, we get comfortable with it. Things become easier, and we start to realize that our gut was over exaggerating the whole time.

Things become easier the more you do them and the more you tell yourself you aren’t afraid. Your gut may tell you, that you are in danger because it is in unfamiliar territory, but it is up to you to push on despite it.

• Prepare As Best You Can

One of the easiest ways to overcome your fear of the unknown is to simply prepare for it. Practicing, learning, and studying can give you some extra confidence in the real world. You can be confident that what you’ve learned can apply in the real world and can give you an edge.

In sales for instance, knowing all you can about the product or knowing how to communicate effectively can give you the confidence to go out and do the job. Your gut may still tell you to back down, but at least having that extra confidence can help you push through it and start to make deals.

• Enjoy The Experience

The best way I find to get over your fear is to just run with it. When your gut tells you to back down and that you aren’t ready for something, use that energy to get excited and manifest it into your life.

With my sales job I have noticed that going out and talking to new people can be nerve wrecking. It can put an uneasy feeling in my stomach and I know that the easy thing to do would to just go home and give up.

But, instead of listening to my gut and running away, I use it to give me energy and to make me excited. As a result not only do people like me better, but I also come out of it feeling that I enjoyed doing my job.

When you enjoy life and turn your fear into energy, it makes you not only much better at adapting to new situations, but it also makes life much more pleasant to live.

• Know That A Bad Feeling Could Mean You Are On The Right Track

As we already discussed, your gut isn’t there to help you succeed in life, it is only there to help you stay safe. Taking risks and trying out new things is what life is all about. You will never be here again, do you really want to have more regrets in your future?

Sometimes the safe way isn’t the best, sometimes we have to not only ignore that gut feeling, but to realize that having a nervous stomach might actually mean you are experiencing more of this world and you are on the right track in life. Take it as a sign that good things are coming your way, and use it to encourage yourself to push forward rather than to pull back.

Do Healthy Foods Taste Better Than Junk Foods?

Healthy_foodI’ve heard it a million times when I had to sell foods at a grocery store, “you can’t have something that tastes good and is also healthy for you!” It’s a stereotype that seems to be common knowledge and it is almost a joke to say that healthy foods can taste great as well.

When I had to sell food I would turn that statement around and tell people that “It’s not often you find food that is both good for you and taste good as well,” which helped to push healthy products, but I’m sure that most people still feel that it is impossible to have healthy foods that are as good as junk foods.

After all, how can this not be true when companies can put so much sugar and corn syrup into a product that it becomes almost irresistible?

The truth is that the taste of junk food is mostly in our heads. I’m not the only one who thinks so. Zen Habits wrote an article about how we can choose to like healthy foods if we want and it something I have seen before in my own diet.

When I was in middle school, the school decided to ban selling soda to students. I quickly realized that if they are banning soda for minors, there was probably a health reason. So, I decided to quit drinking the stuff and go cold turkey. The problem was, I was already drinking about 3-4 cans a day. I was addicted to it and loved the flavor, (btw the taste of coke is apparently all in your head)

I dropped down to 1 can a day, then decided to cut it out altogether and switch to things like juice, milk, and water. It was hard at first, I craved soda every day. But a decade later I can’t even imagine how I could have ever been addicted to the stuff.

Now things are different. It’s not hard to pass up the soda machine. After a while things like coke, Pepsi, and dr pepper don’t taste that good at all. The favor just doesn’t feel natural, and they can’t compare with drinks like milk or juice.

My perspective changed, and this is not the only situation in which it did. I switched to Almond milk after hearing all the benefits that come with it. At first it was pretty hard to swallow, but after a while it actually tastes pretty good. It’s still not as good as regular milk, but I’ve definatly grown to like the flavor.

The more I eat of something in my life and actually give it a try, the more I tend to like it. That’s powerful because it means I have the ability to choose what I like to eat. Instead of sitting on the sidelines and wondering why I don’t like health foods like someone else, I can simply change my diet and turn into the person who likes healthy foods. I don’t have to be a victum of corn syrip and fatty sugars because I can change my taste preferences.

We don’t eat foods because we like them rather we like them because we eat them.

Now I know what you must think. “I don’t like healthy foods because they just don’t taste as good, we are simply born liking junk foods”

It’s easy to believe that your taste buds are set, and you like what you like. But studies have shown that genetics really has very little to do with what foods we enjoy. The real key to whether we enjoy a food or not is whether we are used to it or not.

Psychologist Elizabeth Phillips in a recent interview does a good job of explaining how children develop their taste buds when they are littler.

Most parents make a big mistake. “They think, ‘Oh my child doesn’t like this,’ but it’s actually anything new that they don’t like,” Phillips says. So parents typically stop trying to feed their child that food and the kid ends up apparently hating it for years to come. “They don’t know that if they just keep giving it to their child, they’ll eventually like it.”

The key, then, is to make the food not new. Basically, you’ll like a new or previously hated flavor if you’re repeatedly exposed to it — studies suggest that it takes 10 to 15 exposures. “So if there’s something you don’t like, just eat it over and over and over again,” Phillips says.

We like the foods that we are used to. Our preferences change based on what we eat and can change if we change our diets.

So why do we like junk foods and hate healthy foods? It could be because we are all raised in a culture that believes, “you can’t have something that tastes good and is also healthy for you!” Kids are supposed to avoid eating their vegetable, but love their McDonalds burgers.

We may also perceive junk food to taste better because of advertising. Coke a Cola spends billions of dollars to make people believe Coke is actually tasty, (or to make people believe vitamin water is actually good for you)

The point is junk food isn’t really tastier than healthy food; healthy food probably isn’t tastier than junk food. It all depends on what you are used to and what you believe has a better flavor to it. Your taste buds can change simply by changing your habits, and that is something you just have to experience for yourself before you will believe it.

So, why not challenge yourself? Switch from something that is bad for you to something that is good for you and don’t go back. What you’ll find is that over time your taste buds change and you start liking the new product over the old.

Once you have built a good eating habit, try it out again and eliminate other bad foods from your diet. Try it out and see what happens. I’m sure you’ll be surprised.

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That One Negative Thought

once you replace negative thoughts with good onesHave you ever had a negative thought? Just one? If you said no I know you’re lying. We’ve all had negative thoughts before. We may have thought that we weren’t good enough or that we weren’t born into the right family.

It’s easy to think negatively. If you look for the negative, chances are you will find it. Sometimes one negative thought is really all it takes. That one negative thought can be the difference between a great day where you accomplished everything you wanted to accomplish while still having your fun time, and a day where everything went wrong.

Not too long ago I had to relearn this lesson myself. I was studying at the school and suddenly I started wondering what will happen when I get out. I wondered about the debt that I may face how I am going to have to repay it, and whether I will be able to find a good job after college.

It worried me and became very stressful to think about. One thought lead to another and before you know it I was cranking ideas out and worrying about the what ifs instead of reading my book and grasping the material.

The Ironic part about it was that by thinking about the possible negative situations that may occur I was actually preventing me from studying. Since studying and working hard was the cure to my problem, I was actually ATTRACTING the negative future into my life simply by thinking about it. I was preventing myself from doing the steps I needed to do in order to attract the life I want.

Even if you don’t believe in the law of attraction it’s not too hard to realize that a single negative thought can easily manifest itself into your life if you let it. A negative thought can leave you drained of energy and unmotivated about your future because in your mind it is hopeless.

There is no doubt my effectiveness for that day as well as my ability to simply enjoy what was happening around me was cut short. It wasn’t worth the stress, and to be honest, everything will probably turn out ok regardless of how you look at it.

Luckily I was able to escape from my negative thought and come back to reality. That one bad thought didn’t stop me from pushing forward and doing my best. It may have slowed me down for the day, but I’m working my way through it.

I’ve previously written an article titled “Why Focusing On A Bad Thing Is The Wrong Thing To Do” and if you have time to read it, it can be worth the effort. A single bad thought can affect your day, but it can also compound and affect your entire life as a whole.

We’ve all heard the story about why you need to think positively or why being optimistic will greatly improve your lives. It’s a known truth, yet it’s so easy to get carried away with a negative thought. One bad negative thought can make the world seem like it is falling apart, and if you act on your negative thoughts it certainly can have disastrous effects.

As people we are plagued with a virus that can be caused by just one bad thought. Entire economies have crashed simply because a few big investors overreacted and sold their shares, great relationships have been destroyed because one member becomes jealous or suspicious of the other, and lives have simply been left unlived because of people too afraid to take a chance and confront their negative thoughts head on.

It really is a curse, but luckily it can be improved upon. Whenever you start to think negatively, ignore it and bring back the positive into your life.

• Flood your mind with positive thoughts
• Look for solutions instead of problems
• Find your passion for being alive
• Learn why your negative thoughts are probably unreasonable
• Never forget that life is an adventure
• Be true to yourself and your desires

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Learn to tame that negative voice in your head that tells you life isn’t worth it. Although it is impossible to eliminate every negative thought, think of how much more you will get done and how much better you will feel about yourself if you can eliminate just a few negative thoughts from your life.

Negative thoughts aren’t worth what they can do to you, positive thoughts are. Don’t focus on the negatives when there are so many good things in life that you can focus on. With that I’ll leave you with a quote to get you started on your way to positive thinking.

“It has been scientifically proven that a positive thought is hundreds of times more powerful than a negative thought.”

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Saying Goodbye To The Old To Make Way For Something Better

bravery quotesI’m leaving my job to work on my internship and focus on my college courses. Long term it isn’t a bad decision. I wasn’t making much, and it didn’t come with the kind of opportunity to advance that I wanted to have.

But it is still a hard decision because of the friends I made and memories I have there. Life gets scary when you jump off the deep end and venture off onto the great unknown, but in many cases it is worth it. Sometimes we need to wash away the old in order to make way for the new.

We all get used to our lives, the friends we make, the places we hang out, even the jobs we have and the amount of money we make. There is a certain level of comfort we place towards the familiar and a certain amount of fear we place towards the things that are just outside comfort our zone.

The problem is that this comfort zone that we develop can trap us into a life of mediocrity and prevent us from living up to our full potential or discovering new things! If we truly wish to push ourselves and see what we are capable of we have to throw away the shackles that chain us to the ground and attempt to fly for ourselves.

We chain ourselves down to what is familiar for several different reasons.

• Comfort – it can be easy to accept where you are and build your life around it.
• Fear of Failure – Failing can be scary, it stops all but the braves of us from reaching our goals.
• Social Connections – Sometimes the people we meet along the way can hold us back, we fear losing them or losing their approval and therefore don’t follow through with our goals.
• Excuses – It’s easy to make excuses to stay in our current situation, the most common of which is telling ourselves that we will change in the future.

The months or years we waste in our comfort zone can’t be retrieved. Even so we can make a move to stand up straight and move forward with our lives. It can be hard to leave the past behind and move forward, but sometimes that is for the best. The next time you are making a big jump remember.

• Don’t Be afraid of Leaving Behind Bad Opportunities

The job I had certainly wasn’t the best opportunity available for me. I wouldn’t want to be doing it the rest of my life. It was comfortable yes, but it’s time to move on and find something better. Opportunities are out there, but you have to pick and choose which ones you want to take.

Don’t settle for less. Know what you want and seek it out. If you just accept your lot in life you may regret it, so take the initiative now.

• Don’t Be Afraid To Search For Something More Aligned With You

What works for somebody may not work for you, similarly what works for your past self may not work for your present self. There have been many times in my life where I have found myself in a situation I didn’t want to be in. Maybe it worked for my passions and desires of the past, but as time goes by we evolve and we become new people.

During such times we need to move forward and we need to find out what we want now, and make the move to get it. Life is about changing, growing and evolving into something new.

• Don’t Be Afraid To Leave Some People Behind

Sometimes we need to let go and move forward even if it means we leave some people behind and move into separate directions. Don’t forget the people of your past because they became a big part of your life. Always be a good person, and help others when they need it.

But know that you need to do what is best for your future and sometimes that means you will slowly part ways with others. People come and go, remember them, but don’t hold onto the past so tight it makes you forget about who you are.

• Don’t Be Afraid Of Work

If you want to become a new person and move forward it will take a lot of work. Change isn’t easy and most things that are worth having in life take a decent amount of work to achieve. Don’t be afraid of putting the time in to educate yourself because it will be worth it in the long term.

• Don’t Be Afraid to Jump

Sometimes that one step or that one big jump can be nerve wrecking, but you can’t be afraid of it, especially if you know there is more to life then what your current situation entails. Don’t be afraid to take that Giant leap because you never know what will be on the other side and you might like it.

Life can be scary, but if you are scared it could mean you are on the right track. Life is meant to be lived, it is a journey filled with adventures along the way. Staying too long in your comfort zone may be holding you back. So if you’re stuck in your own comfort zone and you want to break free, start looking around. Figure out what you want out of life and do it. Life is too short not to make a move.

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Short Sayings That Can Have A Big Impact On Your Life

Your life is complex, it’s new, it’s exciting. There are so many adventures you will have along the road and yet they don’t have to be scary. You will find that the more energy you put into life the more you will get out of it and the better off you will be.

So let’s take this trip throughout life and look at some short sayings that will have a huge impact on the way you perceive it or how much you end up accomplishing while you’re alive.

never look back2

live life without regreats

never give up

laughter is the best medicine

you only live once

Did you enjoy reading those Short quotes? If you did you are certainly welcome to share them with your friends and family. Also if you have any quotes that would fit great on this page don’t be afraid to comment below and share us your quotes.

I love reading quotes, especially ones that motivate me and keep me active in life. It’s easy to forget that life is to be lived to its fullest and not to be wasted. After all you only live once you might as well try to make it the best experience you can make it.

Here are some other quotes you might enjoy.

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” — Dr. Seuss

“You live but once; you might as well be amusing.” — Coco Chanel

“Your life is an occasion. Rise to it.” — Suzanne Weyn

“The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.” — Flora Whittemore

“You can have it all. Just not all at once.” — Oprah Winfrey

“While there’s life, there’s hope.” — Marcus Tullius Cicero

“Life is to be enjoyed, not endured.” — Gordon B. Hinckley

“Follow Your Dreams … Or work for those who did.”

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.” — Robert Byrne

“Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.” — William James

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