How To Cut The Amount Of Drama You Create By 90%

1We all have that person in our lives that thrives on drama. They seem to always be in the middle of it and it seems to always follow them around. If you know someone like that in your life, send them this article to help them cut back and have a less stressful life. If you’re the person whom drama follows around, take heart of what we will have to say here.

There is one sentence that can eliminate 90% of the drama that you create!

But before I get into that I have a word of caution. This sentence that I am about to tell you only helps reduce the amount of drama that you personally put off into the world.

Others may still cause drama themselves and may want to drag you into it. Eliminating drama from your life completely is a mix between lowering the drama you create and reducing the amount of influence that high drama people have in your own life.

So back to the sentence, before we go into how to reduce the drama you put off into the world we need to look at what drama is exactly.

Drama is born when 2 or more people have a conflict with one another. This can happen in a friendship, a relationship, or a sibling rivalry. It normally happens because one person expects something from another and is unhappy if it does not happen.

For example if we;

• Expect someone to help us out and they can’t make it
• Expect someone to be faithful and they are not a faithful person
• Expect someone we like the automatically like us back
• Expect someone who doesn’t care for us to treat us as well as we treat them

If we expect that others must do something or fall into our own viewpoint, then we create a trigger for drama. We create something that causes drama in the world.

So by definition, the easiest way to reduce drama is to realize something (hint it’s the sentence that eliminates drama)

We cannot control what people say and do.

People are imperfect. We all make mistakes and everyone you know (including me and you) is going to make some mistakes in our lives.

It is up to everyone to make their own mistakes and it is also up to them to learn from them. Another person may treat you poorly and you may decide that it just isn’t worth the drama to have them in your life. That is a mistake they have to make and they have to deal with.

You can’t change someone. You can help others along by giving them advice or motivating them to do something, but you can’t make them do something they just aren’t going to do.

In that case it is up to you to realize that nobody is perfect. People will be people and you have to either love them for it, ignore the flaws, or in extreme situations separate yourselves from those who you cannot stand.

You can’t control other people, but you can control yourself. A close friend canceling your meetup at the last minute will not, in it of itself be a big deal. What will make it a big deal is the emphasis we put on it.

If we can let it go and realize that they may be a flake or they may have a legitimate reason or something else may have happened, then we reduce our stress and destroy drama before it is created.

Should We Not Expect Anything?

Just because expecting something from others causes drama does not mean we can stop expecting stuff. We need to count on other people in our lives. We need to have some faith in the ones we love.

But we need to trust people who have earned our trust and we need to be understanding when something doesn’t go our way. Nobody is infallible, and most things aren’t worth causing stress over.

We also need to look internally because we can control what actions we take, and that may affect what actions others take.

Before blaming others completely for cheating on you look to see if there was something you did to run them off, before blaming others from freeloading think about how you could have invited it. There may not be something you did wrong, but there also may be a lesson you can learn for the future.

During times of extreme drama it may be hard to look internally and see if you could have helped create it. But that is the only way to learn from it and the only way to prevent it from happening again.

Drama is a manmade creation. If we understand that people make mistakes and we look internally before judging others, we eliminate our stress and gravitate to a more peaceful way of life.

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