How Complaining Affects Your Reality

You probably know someone who loves to complain about everything. Heck you may even be one of those people that loves complaining. While this is a common personality type, it is also pretty destructive.

When bad things happen, these people want others to feel sorry for them. They want to be looked at as the victim and they want someone to come save them from all their troubles. It is the whole, “woe is me” story that I’m sure you’ve heard a million times before.

Most of us aren’t complaining about life all the time, but we still have things we want to complain about and we still have times when we want people to feel sorry for us. The problem is complaining doesn’t help us. This mindset only attracts more bad things into our lives.

According to the universal law of attraction what we think about influences the reality we experience. When we complain about a life we don’t want to have, we are drawing it closer to us and asking the universe to give us more of it.

It is almost as if when we complain about something we are telling the universe, “I like to complain, please bring me something else I can complain about” as a result our car breaks down, Ac stops working, robbery happens, or some other major event in life occurs that gives us more things we can complain about.

The universe answers our wishes, even if they are wishes we didn’t realize we were making.

Complaining leads to a cycle of terror and discomfort. As we complain about the bad things that happen in our lives we attract more bad things, which in turn attract more complaining. It is a never ending cycle that can bring us down and ruin any shot we have of living a life filled with peace and happiness.

The longer we keep focusing on the bad and let the cycle bring us down, the harder it is to stop. We can get used to things falling apart and dreams being shattered. We can get used to complaining and seeing our reality react to our complaints.

But that is not what life is really about! Rather when you complain and see what you complain about you are experiencing the reality that you are creating for yourself. You are simply seeing your own creation, your own world, built with your own biases and opinions factored into it.

It may be real for you, and it may feel very real. But it does not mean it is real for everyone. Someone else with a different view on life can be living in a completely different reality, one with peace, prosperity, and good fortune.

Your reality may feel like it is as real as it comes, like no other reality is possible, but it isn’t so. You are the maker of your own fate; you create your own world. Remember that you are living in the world you have created for yourself, and at any time you can choose to change it. You don’t have to live in a world filled with things to complain about if you don’t want to. You can choose to find the light in your reality and move towards it.

You can choose to follow delight instead of despair, opportunity instead of misfortune, and abundance instead of scarcity.

At any moment you can choose to shift your focus away from the bad things in your life and focus on the opportunities and the changes you want to see happen. You can choose growth and find happiness just as easy as you can find scarcity, but it is going to take some effort to get out of the life you are used to and start seeing the world in a different light.

Realize You Are Not Your Thoughts

If your thoughts are what are bringing you down it is easy to get mad at yourself for having these bad thoughts to begin with. The problem is that this is just bringing more negative thinking into your life and reinforcing the belief that you do think negatively. It doesn’t solve the problem and only strengthens it.

A better solution is to realize your thoughts are not you. They are simply something that is going through your head during a given point in time. It doesn’t mean that you are a negative person. It simply means that a bad thought is going through your mind and you can easily stop that thought and start focusing on the positives.

It is similar to how you may download software onto your computer. That software is not part of the computer; it simply occupies a section of that computer for the time being. It may harm your computer (ex computer virus) or it may help your computer (anti-virus, word, internet explorer) but it isn’t your computer.

At any time you can choose to delete the software from your computer and look for new software to download. .

Viewing your thoughts in the same light can help you to overcome negative thinking. Whenever you have a bad thought realize it isn’t you. Simply work on deleting that thought from your brain and replacing it with positive thoughts and thoughts of opportunities instead.

Focus On What You Want

The reason complaining shapes your reality is because you are focusing your energy on something bad. This makes you put out a negative vibe into the world and draws more negativity to you.

Some say that the best way to avoid this is to focus on the positive side, but this can be a trap if you are still doing it with a negative vibe. For instance if everything else falls apart in your life and you say, “at least I still have my health” you are still putting out a negative vibe because you are saying you’ve lost everything but your health.

You are telling the universe that you give up on everything else and that you haven’t lost your health just yet. It’s a scarcity mentality because you imply there are only a limited number of things you can have at one time. Your health is a positive, yes, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for just having perfect health.

If you want perfect health and friendship than you can have them both. If you want money, you can add that into the mix too. You don’t have to limit yourself, life is filled with abundance. Life is prosperous; there aren’t very many limits you can’t break past.

Instead of simply focusing on what you have left, or instead of just humoring people who tell you to focus on the positive side of things by focusing on what you have left, focus on what you want. Focus on the life you want to be living, the people you want to be with, the house you want to have.

Create a life plan and focus on creating your own reality. This way you are still focusing your energy on something, you are still dragging that something closer to you, but it is a positive thing. When you focus on growth and opportunity, you learn to love life and its challenges.

You learn that things aren’t all bad and that you have a lot of potential as a human being. When you complain about life, you remain focused on the bad things that happen to you. This brings even more bad things your way.

When you focus on what you want and look for opportunities to get there, the universe helps send you signals and gives you life lines you may have never even thought of using before.

Have you been able to start focusing on the positive side of things when you feel like complaining? Has it helped you? What steps did you take? Let us know below

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