Don’t Let School Interfere With Your Education

School is not the same thing as education! It may be hard to distinguish the difference at first especially if you have grown up in a household where getting an education means to go to a college, get a degree, and hope for the best.

It’s a modern day myth that if all you do is focus on getting a college degree than you’ll be looked at as a genius and your dream career will magically fall on your lap. In the real world, if all you do is get a college degree, you’re in trouble.

College used to be a perfect way to distinguish yourself as someone who went above and beyond the rest. Today as more and more people graduate from college having a degree really doesn’t separate you from everybody else.

A degree won’t cause any jaws to drop. It’s becoming something that is expected rather than something that is favored. Just because you have a degree doesn’t mean you are educated. It doesn’t mean you will find your passion in life and go down a path you love.

What separates you in the real world is your knowledge, drive, passion, and courage, all of these things you can learn outside of the classroom.

Education gets a bad rap in our society. When most people think about education they think about writing, memorizing, and reading long textbooks that are written with the same enthusiasm as the Webster’s dictionary.

In the end you put a lot of effort into something you may not even like doing just to get a degree which may or may not help you get a real job in your future. College and education is looked at as something you have to do and not something you want to do just like hard work is looked at as a chore after school rather than a pleasurable experience. Despite the myth, real education isn’t boring.

Real education comes from passion. It should be fun, not tedious. It comes when you seek out knowledge just because it is interesting and you want to learn it rather than you have to learn it.

Think about how well you remember what you learned in a specific class and compare that to how well you remember learning something from your favorite video game. Chances are you remember a lot more from your favorite video game because you had passion and desire to seek out the information you wanted to learn.

Granted a lot of the information you have learned while playing video games may not help you in the real world (unless you plan on becoming a programmer), but it was fun and you learned a lot from it as a result.

That should be the ultimate goal of education. Not to simply write down and memorize things, but to find a passion and to learn from that passion because you want to learn.

We all have a desire to learn and to grow, some people just never tap into it or they use it for something that doesn’t help them in life. The real power of passion comes when you put it to good use and find something you really love that can help you grow.

For me it’s the internet. I love learning to improve my writing and finding creative ways to get people to my site. It’s a game, it has its advantages and disadvantages, but it is fun nonetheless.

I don’t think I would have still kept on going after all this time if I didn’t have a passion for it. I love it, I seek out information for it, and I remember what I have learned. This is what real education is, learning because you want to learn and remembering it because of your passion.

There isn’t much that I have learned in school that I think I can use in the real world or that I have actually remembered to a tee. But I as I learn more about the internet I retain what I have learned and I put it to good use, simply because I am passionate about it.

Education is all about creating and standing your ground in a field that you love. Just because it isn’t in a text book doesn’t mean it isn’t education. If fact if you have a genuine passion for the subject, it may give you even more of an education than you can possibly get in a class room. You’ll remember it more and it will help you out more.

That isn’t to say that ignoring school completely is the best way to educate yourself. If you find a class that you really like, and are really interested in, than by all means enjoy it. Learn as much as you can about it.

Don’t just settle for what they teach you in school; embrace your passion by researching about it outside of school. You can’t go wrong by learning one thing a day about something you love.

School is boring; it forces you to do something that you don’t want to do. As a result you may not even remember it later on. Finding a passion and learning as much about it as possible, now that’s education. That is how you really learn and expand your mind.

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