Did Leonardo Da Vinci Have It Right?

It would be hard to find someone today who has not heard about the famous Leonardo Da Vinci.

The man was one of the greatest painters of all time, with such works as “The Monalisa” and “The Last Supper”. He also invented tanks and flying machines that where centuries ahead of his time.

He was the world’s first biologist and drew sketches of the human Anatomy that are still being used today. And he did it all before supper time too =). In short he was the real, “most interesting man in the world”.

How did he do it? How did he create such amazing feats and mind blowing technologies? One word, curiosity.

Leonardo was one of the most curious people on the planet. He wondered things such as how birds could fly and why the human body aged.

Similarly other great thinkers like Einstein and Aristotle were constantly asking questions and constantly thinking about the world around them.

How, can you use this? Do what Leonardo did, make a habit of asking questions about the world around you. Look at your life with as much curiosity as possible.

Ask questions about your life or about different subjects in your life and then look for different angles of solving those questions.

When you do that you will be amazed at just what you find. It can lead you to new ideas and new “out of the box” thinking that you would have never even considered before.

These solutions that you come up with may just put you centuries ahead of your time and will help you accomplish your own goals in life.

Keeping a Notebook

I have filled my share of notebooks and believe that keeping a notebook handy is the best way to keep track of where your mind has wondered.

We all have ideas, we all ask questions. But how often do you remember your questions long enough to seek a solution? How many ideas do you think you have had and not done anything about? I’m guessing about 90% of ideas thought up are now forgotten by the person who originally created them.

Think of how much you could accomplish if you were able to remember your ideas and act on them instead of forgetting 90% of those ideas.

This is why I believe everyone can benefit by carrying around an idea notebook. It doesn’t have to be anything big. They do sell mini notebooks that can easily fit in your back pocket. If you carry a bag, back pack, or suit case around you can also fit a good sized notebook in there.

The main thing is just to have something that you can write your ideas on throughout the day so you do not lose them once the day is gone.

Once a day or once a week you can look at your notebook and see all of the ideas you have thought and questions you have asked. Most of them probably won’t help you very much, but some of your ideas can make a big difference in your life if you act on them.

Leonardo had the right idea on how to get more out of life. He was able to accomplish so much because he was constantly asking questions and writing down ideas in his notebooks.

By learning from his example we can all achieve much greater things in our own lives. Even if staying curious doesn’t help you to achieve your specific goals as they are now, it may just help you to achieve much bigger goals that you are currently overlooking.

So keep a curious nature in life, keep asking questions, and write it down. In the words of Leonardo Da Vinci “Learning never exhausts the mind.”

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