Creating Your Perfect Life Plan

Creating a life plan can have a huge impact on your future, yet so many people still have no idea of where they see themselves in 5 years. Their only goal is to stay alive and hope that everything works out in the long run.

I guess that is the reason why so many people look back at their life and wonder where the time has gone and whatever happened to all of the things they wanted to accomplish.

To me creating a life plan is critical. It can give you hope, help you to accomplish wonderful things and helps you to live a much happier life in general, which is why I have created my own plan, and wrote this article with a free personal development plan template download at the bottom so that my readers can create their own plan using the same method I did.

But first …

Why Bother Creating a Life Plan Anyways?

“He who fails to plan is planning to fail.”Winston Churchill

There are a number of reasons why I believe it is important to write down your goals for the future.

• It Keeps You Focused In One Direction

If you don’t know where you are going then you don’t know what path to take. This might set you up for failure even if you are working hard, because you are not working hard at the right things or you are working hard at too many things to see results.

• It Helps You See The Big Picture

It can be hard to exercise every day, but if your goal is to lose weight it will be easier to get out of bed and start exercising because you see the bigger picture of being 10 pounds lighter.

• It Helps You See More Opportunities

Another factor of having a clearly defined goal is that it helps you see more opportunities to advance in life. I would have never looked at blogging if I did not know what my goals where. It is a whole experience I would have completely missed.

• It Does Seem To Work

There have been studies out there which seem to indicate how important writing goals down are. According to one study the people who wrote down their goals achieved more than those who didn’t. If you’re looking to achieve more it only make sense to write your goals down too.

• It Helps Attract What You Want

I am a big believer that there is some force out there which draws us towards the things we think about. It may simply be due to the above 4 factors working together or it may be something else entirely. The only thing I can say is that something seems to help us along the way and push us to meeting the right people and be in the right situation to achieve the things we actively pursue.

What to Think About

Before you start creating your life plan you should do some brainstorming and think about the things that you truly want out of life.

“It pays to plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.” Thomas Edison

A few things to consider are;

• What Do You Want People To Say About You After You Are Gone

Michael Hyatt wrote an interesting article called What Will They Say When You Are Dead, which he invites us to think about what we want the people closest to us to say after we are dead. This is a powerful exercise because it can help us to take a second thought on some of our goals and daily habits.

• What Kind Of Life Do You Want To Live?

Think about this, where do you see yourself in 10 years? What kind of car do you drive? What kind of house do you live in?

In addition to that ask yourself what kind of lifestyle you really want. Do you want all of the excitement that comes from a Go-Go personality? Or do you want a lot of leisure time to relax while still being stable in other areas of your life?

• What Do You Want To Accomplish?

What do you want to do in your life? Do you have any major goals in life that you want to see yourself achieve? Why is it important to you?

Think about these three questions before you move on and fill out the personal development plan templar. It would be a good idea to set aside an entire day to think about this and plan your future. Do some soul searching before you just write down a regurgitated goal you got from someone else.

It should be something you really are committed to because you want to do it, and you are not just following it because of someone else.

“Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.” Thomas Alva Edison

Free Personal Development Plan Template

Once you have an idea what you want to do with your life, you can download your Free Personal Development Plan Template Here.

You can add or redo some of the items on the template to fit your own needs. As it stands now there is a spot for;

Love Life
Social Life

Some areas will be easy to fill out because you probably already have an idea of your goals in that area. Other areas might be a lot harder to figure out since you may not have put much thought into them before.

But they all work nicely together when creating a life plan and although your life may change as you grow; it is good to get something written down now so you know which direction to take today to lead to a better tomorrow.

“A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow” George s Patton

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