20 Interesting Posts From The Web, A Blog Carnival On Personal Growth

1 month ago I opened the door for other bloggers to add their blog posts. The submissions came pouring in from around the web. After reviewing all of the submissions and picking the ones I felt fit my blog and it’s readers, I came up with 20 interesting articles. I hope you enjoy reading these articles on self improvement, personal peace, and time management.

Goal Setting

Bavly A. presents A determined life. It posted at Life as we know it, saying, “One of the smallest pushes in life is determination. Two stories. Real life stories telling us about that and my own point of view. Life has lots of stuff to offer and you’ll be standing right there waiting for them!”

Teri Jones presents 10 Ways Working Moms Can Get More Done In a Day posted at Nanny Jobs, saying, “Some suggestions to get you on the road to efficiency so that you can deftly manage the balancing act of working moms everywhere.”

Feeling Success presents Why Clarity & Purpose Are Essential For Hitting Goals posted at FeelingSuccess.

Personal Peace

Rob Graumans presents There is No Life Without Death posted at The Young Socrates.

misterinfinite presents The Reality of Love posted at welcometothelifestyle saying “Adults must be able to love themselves before they are truly able to love others. If you are trying to find love to fill a void in your life, you are going to be perpetually empty.”

Diane M. presents Trusting your inner wisdom… posted at Being Truly Present, saying, “Post includes a podcast visualization exercise”

Lindsay presents From Failure Forward, Part One posted at Life As 5, saying, “This is the first in a series of learning to live with mental illness. As of today’s date there are five installments.”

Self Improvement

Jessica Clark
presents 24 Blogs with Things You Can Do to Keep Your Brain Sharp as You Age posted at Kenney Myers, saying, “As you age your brain begins to shrink naturally. One of the easiest ways to keep your brain sharp is to stay socially active, whether it’s in person or online.”

Kevin Raposo presents 5 Better Ways To Meet Your Neighbors posted at SimpliSafe Blog.

Jon Rhodes presents How to Perform Self Hypnosis posted at HypnoBusters, saying, “This article shows you exactly how to do self hypnosis, which is great for self improvement.”

Jon Rhodes presents How To Remember Peoples Names posted at Free Hypnosis, saying, “Remembering peoples name is great for building trust and rapport. This article shows you a great technique to help you quickly remember peoples names.”

Jesse Abbey presents Project Ultimate Teenager – Failure posted at JBMA saying “Mistakes or failure simply aren’t worth giving it all up for. Somewhere and somehow you need to find the strength to get back up on your feet and continue your journey.”

Ashton presents Why Meditation Is The Key To Everything posted at Blog on Meditation, Personal Growth, and Goal Achievement.

Jonathan Grant presents The Most Important Thing to Do in an Argument (which no one ever does) posted at Questions & Answers About Life, saying, “Maybe the one who needs to change is you!”

Don presents The Importance of Failing posted at Breath of Optimism, saying, “Are you afraid to fail? I hope you answered no to that question because the only way you are going to be successful in life is to first fail.”

Frontlier presents How to overcome guilty feeling and avoid regret? posted at Inspirational Lifestyle – Inspiresure, saying, “We all feel guilty for the past happening sometime that may turn unhealthy and ruin our life. Relax. Here is how to avoid those feelings!”

Jana presents Being Rested: How It Sets You & Everyone Around You Up For Success posted at Wisdom Link Blog, saying, “A look into how, when you are rested and give yourself the space to be centered, you set yourself, your work and everyone around you up for success.”

Time Management

Tipsy presents Make The Most Of Each Day posted at tipsywriter saying “You never know what will happen to you so make the most of the time you have now.”

Jon Rhodes presents Timebox To Get Things Done posted at Affiliate Help!, saying, “This article shows you the technique of time boxing, which can seriously help you get far more done in a relatively short space of time.”

Gabriel Rocheleau presents Need more time? You have MUCH more time than you think! posted at Up Development, saying, “How people underestimate the amount of hours they have and debunks the myth that they “need more time”.

That concludes the Self Improvement articles that have made it to the blog, I would like to thank every blogger who took the time to write and submit an article. I also hope that my readers have benefited from this page and can use it to help them improve their own lives.

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  4. Jesse Abbey

    Hello Shaun,

    First of all, thanks a lot for featuring us. We appreciate it!

    Secondly, there are some great articles on here. I like the diversity of this carnival.

    Great work,

    Jesse & Mo

  5. Frontlier

    Hi Shaun,

    Thanks for including my post. I noticed other interesting articles in this edition and enjoyed reading some of them and will sure read other ones when I am free from my work.

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