8 Simple Self Improvement Ideas That Work If You Do Them

We always are on the lookout for self improvement ideas that work, but to be honest there is only so much that you can learn by reading. To be truly successful in life you need to make sure you have a balanced life and that you are actually putting forth the effort to do the things you want.

Here are some self improvement ideas that sound pretty basic, but if you are doing them day in and day out, they can lead to a much better life.

1. Eat Right

Too many people are filling their stomach with junk, crap, and corn syrup then can’t figure out why they aren’t losing any weight or why they are extremely unhealthy. Eating right is just one of the basic things we do.

When we choose salads instead of fatty foods and choose tea instead of soda, not only do we start improving our health, but we start feeling better and have more energy to do the things we love.

Another advantage to creating a habit of healthy eating is that as we eat healthier foods we get used to them and all of a sudden healthy foods taste better then unhealthy ones. We can enjoy eating healthy. It is all about tastes and our tastes change based on what we eat.

2. Believe In Yourself And Think Positively

No matter what is going on in your life you have to know that you are fully capable of achieving your goals and getting past the hard parts in life. When you face stressful situations, the least productive thing you can do is to worry about it and start freaking out.

Instead, just continue along life’s path and believe in yourself. As long as you are making an effort to improve and you have a positive attitude things will work out for the best.

3. Don’t Forget To Work At It

It is important to remember that nothing actually happens by itself. If you are simply waiting around for someone else to solve your problems you will never get anywhere in life. The only way to improve your life is to turn off the T.V. , stop searching facebook, and start doing something that will improve your situation.

You will not improve your situation overnight. But as long as you keep pushing through and keep having a positive attitude you can accomplish some amazing things You can have anything you want out of life, but you’ll have to work for it.

Nothing is free in this world. Since the dawn of time, those who took action and tried the hardest to achieve their goals always had more fruitful lives and accomplished a lot more during their lives then those who never took the first step.

4. Spend Time With Loved Ones

Of course money and success isn’t everything. There is no point having everything you’ve ever wanted if you have nobody left to share it with. Be sure to make time for others and put down your books to play with others.

Not only will spending time with others help keep those you love in your life, but it will also help relieve your stress and make memories with others.

5. Don’t Stop Learning

Our mind is a beautiful thing. It can learn so much and can help us through so many difficult situations. But we have to keep learning in order to keep it at its peak. Most people stop reading after they are done with school.

But those who keep reading and keep learning will have an edge in the world.
As we stay fascinated about the world around us we learn new ways to improve our lives, we become more valuable as a human being, and we lead a more interesting life in general.

The greatest men in history were all curious and they never stopped learning. The pursuit of knowledge might not always be the most popular way of living life, but it is certainly worth it.

6. Listen To The Advice Of Others

When we are given advice from others we can either choose to completely ignore it, take it as an insult, or learn from it and use it in our own lives. There is really no point in ignoring it or taking it as an insult.

The mere fact that they are giving you advice means they care about you enough to try and help you out. Don’t be so quick to dismiss other people’s ideas. They may know something you do not, they may have been in your situation before, and it may actually benefit you. But you will never know unless you stop and listen to it.

7. Learn From Your Mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes. It is easy to feel bad about them and to feel like we are a failure, or we can learn from them. Be excited that you will get to learn something new instead of sad that you did something you shouldn’t have done.

8. Don’t Forget To Enjoy Today

There comes a time in everyone’s life where we realize that life has gone by so fast. During this time we have to not only ask ourselves what we accomplished in our life, but whether it was worth it. The simple fact is that we won’t be here again, so we had better learn to enjoy today while it last.

We only live once, let’s make it count for something.

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  1. Don @ Breath of Optimism

    Great list! The sad part is that some of us (me included) think we are eating healthy, but then when I look at the ingredients list, I see that there are tons of bad ingredients in the food. I’ve begun reading labels in the grocery store more frequently and that has helped me to make better choices lately.

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