7 Reasons To Start Procrastinating

We often hear that procrastinating is a bad thing. We hear that we should stop putting things off and start getting to work so that we don’t waste any time.

Yet very few people ask why. Why should we avoid procrastination? Why should we spend all of our time working for something that we might not enjoy or want to be working on? Is it to be productive?

Just because you are productive doesn’t mean you are getting any of the things that are important to you done. Just because you are working does not mean it will help you get to where you want to go.

Sometimes procrastination can be a good thing. We don’t always have to be in such a rush to meet deadlines and run around in circles. In fact here are 7 reasons why you should enjoy the benefits of procrastinating.

1. You Are Always Learning

If you are spending your time learning something new that can help you in the future you are not really wasting time are you? Actually expanding your mind and finding out new information is one of the most productive things you will ever do.

When you play games, read books, read forums and so on you are actually learning a lot and what you learn may very well help you do something remarkable in your future.

When I started getting serious about internet marketing I found that I would often spend too much of my time browsing forums and talking to other people who were also creating websites to make money from the internet.

There was no question about it. I was procrastinating building my business. Instead of spending that time being productive and writing new articles I wasted it away talking to other business owners.

The funny thing is, although it did stop me from working longer hours on my websites the information I was able to gather by talking to other like-minded people was amazing.

I started learning about what works, what doesn’t, what brings people to my site, and what is a waste of time. I learned how I could do more with less and how I could actually accomplish the things I wanted to accomplish without spending my entire life slaving away in front of a computer writing multiple articles every day. I mean I love to write, but I love to take a break from writing every now and then too. And if I can be more productive and get more things done, then I’m killing two birds with one stone.

In this case procrastination turned out to be a good thing for me. Even though I didn’t see it at the time and I would often kick myself for putting things off, I learned a lot of valuable information by talking to others, reading blogs, and visiting forums.

Some of the things I learned are things that I doubt I would have been able to learn in a million years if I had just been focused entirely on working and writing. You need to keep an eye out on what is possible and how you can change.

The best way to do this is to procrastinate a little and spend time learning when you should be spending time working. That is why I recommend learning at least 1 thing a day. You never know where it is going to take you.

2. You Are Procrastinating For A Reason

People often think of procrastination as a discipline thing. They think of it as something you only do when you are weak and you can’t force yourself to do the work you know needs to get done. This is a very depressing mindset.

I don’t know about you, but thinking that every time I put off doing something I am doing is because I am lazy isn’t going to help me. It is only going to make me feel bad and probably won’t do very much to help me to solve the real problem behind why I am putting things off.

If we are truly honest with ourselves we have to assume that we are procrastinating for a reason. It isn’t because we are lazy people who can never hope to accomplishing anything in our lives.

We procrastinate simply because we don’t want to do the things we are procrastinating on. It is as if nature has a way of letting us know when we are taking a wrong path in life. We tend to run away from work that we are supposed to do and run towards work that we are passionate about.

How many of us avoided doing homework in classes that we hated, yet would spend hours getting good at pointless hobbies like billiards, fixing cars, juggling, etc. The reason we did this wasn’t because we were lazy, it was simply because we put off the things that didn’t interest us so we could do more of the things that did interest us.

Quite often the things we are passionate about will help us a lot more in life than the things we are forced to do simply because we put a lot more time into them. We learn more from our hobbies and interest than we ever could hope to learn doing schoolwork.

We remember it better, and we are more passionate about it. Procrastination is a sign that you may not be doing what you want to be doing. It is the universes way of telling us “hey wake up, there is something else you should be doing with your time.”

Just because we live in a world that is filled with regulations and outside expectations doesn’t mean you have to let it get in the way of what you are truly passionate about. Follow your dreams and you will be much happier and procrastinate much less than if you were to simply let other people tell you how your life should be ran.

3. The Consequences Are Not That Bad

One of the reasons we think that we have to get things done now is because we assume that something bad will happen if we don’t do everything we need to do right away. In most cases it doesn’t work like that.

Paying late fees, asking for extensions, and making deals is a small price to pay for accomplishing something that is more important to accomplish. Something’s just benefit us more than the mind-numbing work that we are expected to do by our teachers, boss, and government.

Most things can be pushed back, many others that can’t can be done at the last minute and turned in hastily. Is it really that important that your research paper be stellar, breathtaking, and get 100% or can you settle for a low A or even a B? Will it really matter in 5 years? Probably not!

Personally I prefer to put my time and effort into something that I am more passionate about, something that will actually matter in the years to come, my blog. I prefer to offer value to the world through my writings than to get a few moments of good words from my teachers and family.

It’s ok if I’m not looked upon as a prodigy child who gets all A’s and is going to graduate and become a highly paid doctor. Being a prodigy is too much pressure. I’d rather work with what I am passionate about and focus on bringing more value into this world.

4. Procrastinating May Help You More

Right now I am procrastinating a homework assignment. I am suppose to find a 3-5 “Harvard Business Review” article and then write a 4 page summary of that article in APA format, Yawn!

Instead I choose to put that off until a later date so I could spend time writing this article for my blog. By procrastinating doing my homework I was able to do something else that interests me more and that I believe will help me a lot more in my future.

I could spend time working on the article and making it an amazing work of art that is sure to get me an A+, but I don’t see it benefiting me as much as writing this article right now.

While getting an A on that paper might benefit me for a day, this blog post will stay on the web for years, bring new readers in, and hopefully benefit all those who read it. Even if nobody reads this post or shares it with their friends at least I learned to become a better writer and what not to do.

There is very little I can learn from summarizing an article, but a lot I can learn from writing my own ideas and thinking for myself.

5. You Feel Better By Following Your Passion

Shaunrosenberg.com was not my first website. My first website was set up on some free host that I’m not even sure exists anymore. You can tell I’m really passionate about that site can’t you. (Sarcasm)

No my first site online was mainly just an attempt to make a quick buck. It didn’t work and I wasn’t really happy with it.

Then I moved on to writing websites that were very information and on topics I had a lot of knowledge in. But I wasn’t really very passionate about it. I mainly wrote about topics that I thought other people were searching for.

It worked, and there are a lot of people visiting those sites now. But it took a lot of work and I did do a lot of procrastination the whole time I was creating them. In fact I procrastinated a lot by reading sites like stevepavlina and thinking to myself, how wonderful it would be to have a site like that.

Self improvement and personal growth is my passion. I love to help people learn and to better themselves. And I can tell you now that even though I haven’t been blogging for very long, it already feels better than what I was doing before.

I’m writing about things that interest me and on topics that I want to be known for. I have a lot more passion for it and it is something I want to be working on (while procrastinating things that are less important to me 🙂 )

6. It’s Not Always Your Goal

Sometimes we procrastinate doing things because they don’t have any meaning to us. It isn’t our goal. Maybe our boss wants us to finish our report by Thursday. Maybe our spouse or the government wants us to do something by a certain time.

Most of the time, we procrastinate doing something because it isn’t something that we see as important. We don’t really want to do it and as a result we don’t really have any passion for it.

If we spend our entire lives worrying about other people’s deadlines and other people’s goals than who is left to worry about our stuff? Who is left to follow our passions and see the changes in the world that we want to see?

If we only care about other people’s goals and other people’s deadlines we miss a huge chunk of our life. Sometimes it is ok to procrastinate doing things you have been told to do in order to do the things that are important to you.

After all, we only live once. Do you really want to look back on your life and wonder why you didn’t do more of the things you enjoy in life? Very few of us look back on life and say, “if only I had spent more time on my homework assignments in high school.” Too many of us look back and say, “if only I had followed my passion in life instead of working so much on things I didn’t really care about.”

If you are spending too much time working for other people, procrastinate a little and see what it is you really want to be doing with your time.

7. Sometimes You Need Time To Think

If you are always moving and always working on something you never make any time to think. You need to take a break now and then and just do the things that make you feel good about yourself. Spending too much time working can lead to a lot of stress and a lot of worrying.

Sometimes you just need to be free to find out who you really are, what you can do, and how you want to fit into this world. We are curious beings, we like to learn, we like to try new things. When we are constantly in a state where we feel we need to procrastinate, we are not living the way we want to live.

In this case we need to take a break from the world and focus on us. Focus on what makes us special and what our passions truly are.

The Double Edge Sword

Of course procrastination is a double edge sword. Although putting things off can help you make time for other tasks that are more beneficial and more aligned with who you are, there is a dark sides to doing this.

In any field of life it does take some hard work to make it. You need to have that motivation to move forward and sometimes that means pushing yourself just a little harder and learning how to stop procrastination.

If you listen to your spirit and put off things you are not passionate about to make way for things you do care about procrastination can be a great thing. On the other hand, if you procrastinate too much, and on too many things, it can come back to bite you in the butt. Finding a happy medium is the key.

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