6 Lies Schools Teach You About Life

lies in schoolWhat did you learn in school? It taught us some valuable information and helped us to see new the world through the point of view of the great thinkers of the past. School can help you expand your mind and learn, but if you are only learning what they teach you in the classroom, you may realize that you are missing out on a big part of life.

In fact school teaches us some lies about life, here are a few big ones.

1. Mistakes Are Bad

In school we are taught that making a mistake is a bad thing. If we mark the wrong answer on a test, it is marked wrong and we lose those points. In school our grades are completely focused on how many mistakes we make. If we make a lot of mistakes we fail the class, if we make fewer mistakes we receive a good grade in the class.

In the real world those who make the most mistakes and learn from them are the most successful. The reason is because those who make the most mistakes are the ones who try new things and challenge themselves.

If you are constantly in fear of making mistakes you will try to avoid things that may cause you to make those mistakes. Since you can’t be successful without taking chances and trying new things being afraid to fail can actually hold you back.

Failing isn’t the worst thing in the world, not trying is.

2. Grammar and Spelling is Essential To Success

I’m going to get a lot of English teachers mad here, but grammar and spelling aren’t the most important things in the world. In school we are taught to make sure we are spelling everything correctly and follow the basic grammar rules, in the real world we have spell check.

The most important thing in the world isn’t that you spell everything correctly and used the correct punctuation, but that you have something to say. There are enough people in the world who have been taught how to write a perfect paper, but don’t have a single original thought in their head. What the world needs is people who can break the rules and think creatively.

“The principle goal of education in the schools should be creating men and women who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done; men and women who are creative, inventive and discoverers, who can be critical and verify, and not accept, everything they are offered.” – Jean Piaget

3. More School Is The Only Way To Become Successful

It’s generally accepted that if you want to be successful you have to go to college or get more education. While school is great if you want to become a doctor, lawyer, or any of the professions that require a degree, it is not the only path to riches.

Some of the most successful people in the world today are college and high school dropouts. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg, Thomas Edison, John D
Rockefeller would all agree that even dropouts can have an alright life 😉

School is just one road that leads down one path. There are plenty of other ways to be successful without getting into tens of thousands of dollars of debt.

4. Once You Have A Degree You Are Set For Life

Does anyone know someone who has a college degree and is working the same job that they were before they graduated? We all do! just because you have a college degree does not mean you will instantly be a success.

In fact those who are counting on the degree alone are normally the ones who find themselves without work afterwards. To be a success in life you can’t simply rely on a system, if you did everyone would do it and it wouldn’t work anymore.

That is what is happening with our school system today. The number of people going to college each year is skyrocketing. As a result, it’s harder to find a job with just a degree then it was a few year back because… well everyone has one.

What you need is something to set yourself apart from the masses of other people with the same degree as you. Going above and beyond and networking with people, doing advance studying, planning your future, and getting experience is what sets you apart.

What matters is being able to set yourself apart from the rest of the world and offer something of value. Life is a constant struggle to be the best. It’s not as easy as simply taking a few tests and then you are done.

The one thing that will determine how successful you will be is how much effort you are willing to put in it to differentiate yourself and add real value to the world. That will be true whether you have a degree or not.

5. Teachers Are Smarter Then You

When we are in school we are conditioned to believe that teachers are smarter than us. That is why we pay attention to them, follow their rules, and don’t question what they are saying.

(The same can be said about politicians, professionals, and scientist. We listen to them and follow them blindly because we believe that they are smarter than us).

Eventually you realize that you don’t need to be super smart to be a teacher, you just have to be willing to work hard to understand a subject. Anybody can accomplish great things or understand new topics as long as you push yourself to grow and to learn it.
Likewise don’t be afraid to question those above you and look for alternatives. The world was once round until someone questioned conventional wisdom.

6. Only Smart People Are Successful

It’s easy to believe that only those who are born with a natural talent to understand new concepts stand a chance of being successful. We see it in school that some people can gets As on tests while others struggle to get a C.

It does not matter if some people are more talented than others, what matters is how much of an effort they are making in life. Most of us have enough cognitive ability to do whatever we want, we just need to put in the work and believe that it is possible. If you would like to know more about improving yourself and setting yoursef up for success check this page out.

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    Very true. School teaches us a lot of valuable things. One myth I was told in elementary school was that I HAD to learn and write in cursive because it was mandatory in life. Now they aren’t teaching cursive in a lot of schools!

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