10 Creative Ways to Fall In Love With Life

One of the mistakes I have made in the past was connecting my happiness to external factors. It is easy to use things such as your relationships, friends, and money to determine just how happy you are and how happy you will become.

But just like I stated in my article, 7 Lies We Tell Ourselves About Success, your happiness is not really determined by the external world, but by the world inside of you. If we are not happy without all the riches in the world we will not be happy after we get them, instead it would just make us want more and more as we try to fill that void in our life.

Sure when things are going great external things make you feel fantastic. The problem occurs when things are going bad and you are having a rough time. In this case it only makes us feel terrible.

According to the universal law of attraction, we only get more of the things that we are focusing on. If things are going bad in our life right now and we focus on it that means we will only get more bad things happening to us in the future.

By letting the outside world determine our happiness we run the risk of one small thing taking us down. As we focus on a bad situation in one area of life it ends up rolling over into other areas of life and bringing us down even further.

Even worse than that, if you are letting the external world influence your happiness what will happen if you’re in a bad luck rut and nothing seems to go right. By focusing on it you are just going to stay in that rut instead of turning it around and getting yourself back on track.

So, what is the alternative to letting your external world determine how happy you are? How about falling in love with life in general?

If you have ever been in love you understand how wonderful of a feeling it is. You feel like you are walking on air and everything seems to go your way. Everything is brighter and there are tons of possibilities for your future.

Why not learn to fall in love with your life in general? Why not get that same feeling every time you get up and think about the world in which you live?

Think about how much joy it can bring about to fall in love with life, with this world, and with the positive energy coming from your body? The more joy you bring into your life the more love you give to others and the more joy and love will come back to you as a result.

Learning to love life, and all that life has to bring you is a sure way to bring more happiness into your world and to push yourself for a positive future.

“Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love and to work and to play and to look up at the stars.” Henry Van Dyke

Love The Things That Are Amazing About Your Life

Everyone has an amazing life in one sense or another. Learn to love the things that are going good in your life. Learn to love your friends, your family, and your passions.

Surely you’ll be able to think of a few things you truly love about your life. Even if you feel like you have hit rock bottom you can at least feel good about the simple things you have, like running water.

Think of how amazing and innovative it is that we are even able to get water coming to our own house with just the turn of a knob. We don’t have to run to the nearest lake with a bucket every time we want to wash our dishes or fill up our water bottles.

Think of how many people it took just to create the running water system you have now, and think about how lucky you are to live in this time with such great inventions to improve our lifestyles.

Love everything this world has brought to you, because it truly has brought you a lot.

Love The Challenge

Not everything in your life is going to be perfect. And that is ok, life would be rather boring if everything just worked out and there was no need to better ourselves.

Instead of focusing on a problem in your life, focus on the challenge.

Are you having trouble finding your true love? Focus on how wonderful it is that you get to experience new things and challenge yourself to meet new people and to learn to flirt and attract members of the opposite sex.

Are you having money problems? Focus on how you get to experience the challenge of learning how to save more and make more money from your investments. Learn to love the world of money and it will start sending you bigger checks.

This world is full of imperfections, but that simply means you get to have more adventures, try out more things, and see life with different points of view.

Learning to love the challenge can turn a problem or imperfection into an amazingly wonderful thing.

Love The Journey

Life is all about experiencing each moment and living in the here and now. Learn to love the experiences you are currently having because you will never be here again. Realize that your current situation and your current adventures will never be re-lived by you or anyone else on this planet.

You will never get a second shot at it, so live for today. Embrace the hardships, experiences, and good fortunes going on in your life today because you will only live through it once. Take a chance, the time is now! And learn to love every minute of it.

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” Maya Angelou

Love the journey and each experience that you will have in life and learn to make the most out of them. This world is an amazing place, think of how lucky it is that you were able to live here and experience the joy of simply being alive.

Love How You Are Shaping The World Around You

As a conscious being you are playing a huge role in the world around you. The thoughts that we think and the actions that we take are having an enormous impact on the world in which we live.

We are shaping this planet and making this universe bend to our will. We are fully capable of making our dreams come true and reaching our goals, no matter how wild and unrealistic they may seem at first.

There is so much potential in this world and there are so many people doing such great things that it seems as though anything is possible. Embrace that, and don’t let circumstances hold you back.

Love what it means to be surrounded by a world of nearly infinite potential, and love exploring it and seeing new ways to follow your dreams and experiencing new things.

Love How The World is Full of Abundance

The world in which we live is remarkably abundant. Have you ever wondered how many grains of sand there are on the earth’s beaches? Have you wondered how many fish are in the sea or how many fruits and vegetables are grown each year?

The world is an amazing place filled with more interesting animal species then you can possible imagine, more waterfalls and beaches then you can ever hope to see, and more love then you can ever begin to experience.

Love how abundant the world is and what it means to you. Understand that there is plenty enough for everyone and the earth is so rich that it is able to support billions of people and tens of millions of different types of species at the same time.

And it’s not just our world that is abundant. The entire universe is filled with planets just like our own, other solar systems, and other galaxies. When you think about it life is probably all around us. We truly do live in world full of riches and treasures. Love every minute of it.

Love Your Past Experiences

Have you ever fallen in love? Created great friendships and great experiences with those friends? What about your 15 minutes of fame? Learn to love your past because that is who you are.

Your past has shaped you, given you the knowledge you have today, and helped you grow into the person you are and are becoming. Embrace the fact that life has given you some great experiences in the past and embrace the fact that it will give you plenty more experiences in the future.

“That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet.” Emily Dickinson

Love Your Passion

Having a passion in life is a fantastic thing. It helps you to stay active and take part in something greater then yourself. It gives you something to master. Love it and embrace the experiences and lessons that it teaches you.

Love what you are bringing to your passion and what you can take away from it. And love the fact that no matter what it is you are passionate about, there will always be more to learn. You can never completely master anything, it all takes work, it takes effort. But that is part of the fun.

It makes life more interesting and it gives you a constant challenge that you can set your mind to and overcome.

Love The People In Your Life

What are we without the people in our lives? Isn’t making connections and getting closer to people one of the basic things that this life is all about? So, go out and meet others. Also remember to love the ones in your life that you have already built a relationship with and that you already enjoy spending time with.

Then love the universe for bringing you closer to those people. Find it amazing that you were able to be brought together with such great people in life that can always be there for you and that can teach you a lot.

Other people are what make life worth living. You can work in an office all day and night, become a millionaire and buy a huge mansion on the beach, but if nobody is there to share it with you it will all be worthless. So enjoy that you have friends and family in your life to help you through all your troubles.

And know that they will take comfort in knowing that you will be there for them. Love others and you will get a lot of love back.

“Love the moment. Flowers grow out of dark moments. Therefore, each moment is vital. It affects the whole. Life is a succession of such moments and to live each, is to succeed.”

Love The World In Which You Live

The world that we live in is truly a remarkable place. From the ancient artifacts and knowledge that comes from Ancient Greece and Rome in the west to the inspirational and unquestionable wisdom that comes from the way of the Samurai and Confucius in the east.

From the great pyramids in Egypt to the Crystal Skulls that appear all around the world. This planet is filled with such great mysteries and such interesting things to see that you can never explore all of it in just one lifetime.

Embrace that the world is an amazing place and think of how lucky you are to be in a planet with so much to see, so much to do, and so much to find along the way.

Love Yourself

You are an amazing being. Nobody else has your exact personality, your exact experiences, or your exact thoughts. You bring something to this world; you fill a hole that cannot be filled by anyone else.

And at the same time you are here to create the world. Your actions affect others, they affect the planet. Be joyful that you are on a planet that has given you so much power and so much potential.

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!” Hunter S. Thompson

Speak up when others are talking because it is amazing what you have to offer. Nobody else will create what you create or do what you do. So love it, embrace it, and bring something back to this world in which we live.

Learn to love the life, it is a wonderful thing!

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4 thoughts on “10 Creative Ways to Fall In Love With Life

  1. danny | Excited By Life

    Hi Shawn. I can relate to loving the challenge and the journey. If life is too easy we would we bored into apathy. The curve balls life sometimes sends to us can be our biggest opportunities.

    Discovery and Adventure are two of the things I have always valued in life. Reading about amazing scientific discoveries and treking through the winderness to see the amazing world nature has fashioned.

  2. A. TINA

    People forget it’s the little things that bring joy in our lives. Love is all around us. We are just too dumb to appreciate them. I have always have immense joy in serving others. It’s what keeps me going. All I have to do is a little random act of kindness. If I make others know they are loved, then I am happy. I am very surprised that you have been able to write this at a young age. For some, it takes years for these thoughts to sink in. May God hold you in his everlasting arms so I can hear from you again

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